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January 15, 2011


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Jefford Requillo

i wish someday to have under go operation because i do not know and how. i have many question that that i cannot ans.. so plEASE.. help ME Im Jefford G Requillo 21 years old and i wish to undrego operation for my PALATE SO THAT I CAN SPAEK DIRECTLY.. and know im being a student .. and being a student we need to talk directly in our teacher. but we cannot under stnd m..please help me or just contact in my #09302242304. just emaill my facebook hope you can read my coment.. because no can help my satuation please maam sir or doct...

Jefford Requillo

or can you gave m the info. Im Jefford Requillo 21 years old from sunrise villge tugas pardo cebu city or just wrote m please help me i wish you read my comment tnx and god bless to you

Carol E.

To Angelo, photojournalist: I have a humble request. I am a member of a quilting group. One of our dear, well-loved members died recently, and we all made quilts in her memory and supplied the mission you are on (Peru) with the entire pile of quilts, all in memory of our friend, Bev. If you could make sure you get pictures of kids with their quilts, we will be VERY grateful. We often never see where our quilts end up. Because the quilts on THIS mission are extra special, we would be so happy to see them being used and given to the kids in Peru, in memory of Bev. Thank you for whatever you can share with us here at the blog. We'll be watching and waiting.

Terry Hodskins

HI Angelo,
I think you and I have met in CA a few years ago. I would like to echo the comments of Carol on our quilting friend Bev. The quilters need so much to see their quilts in 'action'...
Thank you so so much for all you are doing.
Terry Hodskins
Founder Wrap-A-Smile
Wells Rotary
Wells Maine

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